Ski/Board Tuning

Minor Tune


Base stone grinding
Base Edge Sharpening/De-tuning
Side Edge Sharpening/De-tuning
Hot Wax
Full Tune


Base repair (p-tex)
Base Stone Grinding
Side and Base edge sharpening/de-tuning
Hot Wax

*Depending on amount of base repair required

Single Items

Hot Wax


Wax Based on current snow conditions or specific request
Edge Sharpen


Side edge sharpen and/or de-tuning
Binding Adjustment


Adjust bindings to your comfort or liking
Binding Mount


Mount bindings so they fit properly and are stable

*$30 or $50 depending on type of ski/binding

Boot Service

Shell punch


Shell punching helps reduce pressure on the feet in very localized areas. The outer shell of the ski boot is slowly heated and then expanded by hydraulic press or reverse-pressure press. Usually requires 24-48hrs per punch. Rates vary, but start at $20 per punch.


The addition of self-adhesive low or high density foam padding directly to the liner of the boot can aid in reducing heel-lift, ankle bone pressure, or shin bite. Rates vary based on time required and amount of padding added to the boot.

*Price is per punch. 

**Price is variable depending on amount of work needed and time required